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ASSIDA in Australia

In Australia ASSIDA is operating in New South Wales and in South Australia Some of the services we offer to the community are:

1.Referral Programs:


When a client approaches us in our office or by phone. Firstly, we confidentially assess the client’s need followed by the provision of relevant assistance when available.

If the organisation is unable to provide the needed service, we refer the client to partner agencies such as a non- government or government agency capable of assisting the client.

Therefore, we encourage members of our community to contact us when they are in need of social assistance such as electricity bills, food, affordable housing, isolation, etc.

Remember, If we can`t help you, we can find someone who may assist you.

Please contact us on (+61) 2 8740 0608 or email us or come to see us at our office located at:

          1 Amy Street Regents Park NSW 2143. Open on Mondays from 10:00 – 5:00 pm

2.Housing Support Program:

This direct relief program is provided to members of the community, particularly newly arrived migrants and refugees, victims of war and women with children. The program consists of supporting new arrivals to secure a long-term affordable home and build connections between themselves and our partner real estate agencies.

Our volunteers play a crucial support in this program by - driving clients, making appointments, taking clients to appointments, providing interpretation and showing them several locations of their choice.

Contact us if you are in need of affordable housing in Western Sydney and in the City of Playford in Adelaide South.

3.Orphan Program: 


At least 2.6 million children are living in the East of the Democratic Republic of Congo who have been affected by the war of 1998 – 2013. The war cost the lives of 10 million Congolese. No country has experienced this since the end of War World II (Source: UNICEF Congo Report:  2012).

4.CONSULTATION program :


The process of consultation is an extremely  important concept in the context of managing our organisation from a local to an international level.

ASSIDA exists to create value   for   stakeholders and  consultation  is  a process  by  which  the management of ASSIDA aims to better understand the needs, wants and expectations of stakeholders, so that value can be created.

Within ASSIDA, Context Consultation is an active process in which ASSIDA management opens formal and informal communication channels between ourselves and our stakeholders. Therefore, we consult with our members regularly, as well as with both  government and non-government organisations. We strongly believe that setting an operational plan without consultation disadvantages the organisation and the lack of consultation fails to take advantage of all available knowledge and expertise. Lack of consultation makes people feel left out and creates negativity toward the evolving plan.

ASSIDA is welcoming everyone who wishes to consult about any social issues they wish to address or discuss. Please contact us on (+61) 470 614 536 or email us :

Note: ASSIDA offers a consultation program with organisations wishing to work in Central and Eastern Africa. Mr Theophile Elongo is a consultant on social development. He has lived and worked in several countries in Africa including: The Democratic Repkublic of Congo, Burundi, Tanzania and Uganda. We also welcome any consultation to work with ASSIDA locally in Australia. Our Head office is in Sydney with branch offices in the UK, Burundi and DRC. All organisations wishing to partner with ASSIDA in Australia are welcomed. Please contact Mr Theophile on 0470 614 536 if you wish to discuss your partnership with ASSIDA.

5.    A. Volunteering & Placement Program:

ASSIDA offers an exceptional volunteering and placement opportunity to Australian students and people of all age, gender and diverse backgrounds. In ASSIDA`s Board’s opinion, volunteers play a major role in our society. We consider volunteers as the real life heroes. They give their time and energy free in making our organisation grow and making our society a better place for everyone. ASSIDA has a friendly team of volunteers from diverse backgrounds. If you wish to volunteer at ASSIDA, please do not hesitate to contact us on (+61) 470 614 536 or send us an email at . We have many volunteer vacancies for you.

       B. Student Placement:

ASSIDA welcomes students to apply for a placement position. University and high school students from diverse backgrounds are welcome to apply. If you wish to apply for placement , please send an email to or call us at (+61) 470 614 536.

6.   Administration Work:


This consists of working in ASSIDA `s office with diverse board members developing policies, applying for grants, developing flyers, writing ASSIDA`s newsletter, developing flyers, follow up phone calls with clients, planning events and other related tasks. Our volunteers in collaboration with our Board members do most of this work.








7. Training /Workshops: 


ASSIDA provides a number of training workshops to several groups.

African Cross Culture training:

This is a package of training prepared by the ASSIDA Board. It is provided to Australian service providers, volunteers and other members of the community. The training aims to assist members of the Australian community to have an understanding of diverse African cultures and how to communicate and engage effectively with diverse members of the African community.







ASSIDA in Fizi Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo is working on several humanitarian programs. These include:


1. Registration of Orphan children and looking for Sponsors at local and international level.Currently ASSIDA has more than 350 registered orphan disadvantaged children. The majority of these children are victims of the Congo wars of 1998- 2016.

The DRC has lost more than 10 million people during the above period. No country in the world has lost such a large number since the end of World War II. Thousands of children and women have been seriously affected.

Our Office in Fizi is working with the local population to take care of those in serious desperate need. We are inviting people to sponsor children in Fizi with the cost of education.

Primary school child sponsorship is annually 145 Australian Dollars

High School student sponsorship is annually 215 Australian Dollars

Please contact us if you wish to sponsor one of the hundreds of children registered by ASSIDA.

2.    In Fizi, ASSIDA has also established an Alphabetic Centre to assist women to learn how to read and write. The Centre also provides a weekly computer workshop. The Centre lacks much-needed equipment. We are extending our hands to anyone who may be able to donate laptops, desktop computers and educational materials to contact us by email: .

In 2016-2017 75 women, the majority being disadvantaged were registered by ASSIDA. The Centre operates 3 days a week.


The programs being provided in Burundi are the same as those in DRC.


ASSIDA has opened its fourth branch, operating now in four countries of the globe including Australia, Burundi, DRCongo and now in Manchester UK. The Branch currently is registered and has established the Board led by Ms Linda Heri & Pastor Akili Bahininwa as Directors.

Currently they are promoting the organisation in Piccadilly, Stockpot, and surrounding areas. 53 people have already been registered as members. According to the plan, the organisation is now working on their first project, which is fighting the isolation of African Youth and women in Manchester and surroundings areas. ASSIDA is also building connections with several agencies in the areas. In addition, they have also conducted several meetings with government and non-government agencies.


"Empowering children and their community for the long term is to educate them and support those in desperate need with the costs of education"
Every child has the right to a life free of poverty, discrimination and exploitation. When you sponsor a child through the African Sub-Sahara International Development Agency (ASSIDA), you are supporting life-changing fighting for poverty around the child and its community.

The letter from Yushua inspired me to sponsor 2 children in Africa through ASSIDA’s Education Sponsorship Program. Yushua is a young man aged 8 years studying at Cabramatta West Primary school. He has been a member of ASSIDA since 2014. He was involved in ASSIDA’s Education Sponsorship awareness program and he wrote a letter to all his student mates and said, “As an Australian child, I have to show the compassion values of my country to those in desperate need”. I think we do not have enough but we can share through our compassion with others by doing just a little for our suffering friends in Africa.



Assida annual report

1'st annual report(2013-14)