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Every child has the right to food and education. Make a donation to help us to assist hundreds of children and women victims of the Congo war. 

Remember a $ 1 donation can change the life of a child and drive an organisation's mission.

You can donate using the following details: 

Afrincan Sub-Sahara International Development Agency ACC No.: 158-582-171

Bendigo Bank: BSB: 633-000


     You can also donate through the GoFundMe website. All donations go towards two causes:


ASSIDA Office Support Campaign

ASSIDA is largely supported by a number of Volunteers who work hard to support the agency and what we do. It is without the support of the volunteers that we could not achieve all that we have so far. Therefore, the money we raise during this GoFundMe campaign will go towards the volunteers capacity to continue to work hard in their position. The money will be used for materials needed for volunteers to keep the agency running and organised. It will also be used as to fund the office that the volunteers work in. This will ensure that the volunteers continuously have a safe, clean and well equip space to work in. 

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ASSIDA Orphan Project Campaign

Currently ASSIDA supports a large number of children living in Africa and are continuously looking for more funding in order to support that large number of children who are in desperate need. ASSIDA supports children whom are ages 7-17 with basic living needs and education fees. Currently many of the children who still need help are severely malnourished and 80% are not attending school. The money that is raised through this campaign will support children in attending school. The money will also go to buy food and water for the children. Your support will give children hope for a better future.

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Thank you for your Support