ASSIDA Orphan Project

The project aims at assisting vulnerable children, specifically orphans, with the costs of schooling, nutrition and medical expenses in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Note: An orphan is defined as a child whose parents are dead.This project commenced in 2015 when ASSIDA`s CEO Mr Theophile Elongo, visited rural and urban areas of the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.  He found many children on the streets in urban areas and in villages he found many at home during the school times. He decided to approach some children and adults to find out what were the reasons behind this.  The answer given was that this is a consequence of the ongoing Congo war of 1996 – 2015 which seriously affected the lives of the population and particularly women and children. Children are in desperate need of assistance so that they can go to school and improve their health. 



In various Congolese rural and urban areas there are many orphaned children whose parents died prematurely due to war and illnesses such as

HIV/AIDS and Malaria. In addition, many children are carers for their parents who suffer from mental health issues or disabilities. According to

government and non–government agencies working in these areas the children receive very limited assistance which is insufficient for their

needs. Some of these are cared for by relatives, who often cannot afford to meet their educational and health care needs. Some are cared for by

guardians who are often elderly grandparents, surviving by subsistence farming. Consequently, the costs involved in education, health and

nutrition are rarely achievable. Many of these children are found in the streets and are exposed to exploitation.

Currently, ASSIDA do not run an Orphanage centre.  The children we support live with their extended families in different villages and citiesin the


eastern part ofDRC includingKilembwe, Kazimia,  Fizi, Baraka,

Mboko, Uvira,  Kamanyola,  Bukavu, Indji, Goma, Walungu and

Rusthuru. We believe that it is extremely important for children to grow

up surrounded by their extended family members. It is ASSIDA’s goal

to provide funds for education, food and medical expenses for these

children and their extended families. We also take on the

responsibility to restore hope in street children.

The aim of the program is to give children a basic level of support

through whichever educational route they choose, whether this be

school, technical college, or an apprenticeship, enabling them to fulfill

their personal aspirations. Where a child is supported through an

apprenticeship to learn a trade they will be able to reciprocate and pass on their skills to other children in the program.

More specifically, ASSIDA hopes to provide all the children registered for Orphanage ASSIDA Congo Project (OACD) with:

·         Education

·         School fees, textbooks, uniforms, shoes and apprenticeship        


·         Health care including transport, hospital costs and medication

·         HIV/AIDS tests

·         Nutrition to those who are in most desperate need. 


Additional Information

We assist families to keep documentation for each child including their

birth certificate, school certificate, and government identification


Children registered under ASSIDA Congo Orphanage Project also

benefit from material donations from volunteers. Recent donations

include clothes, art materials, toys, etc. All our work is possible

because of the donations and the support from other projects we are



If you are interested in contributing to this project, ASSIDA has two main ways to help. One way is through a donation. Donations are voluntary

and you can decide on the amount you want to give and how long you would like to sponsor a child. Your support of $ 120 can cover a child

education and health check for a year.

However, any contributions are welcome!

Another way to help consists in directly sponsoring a child. If this is

what you would like to do, please contact us on (+61) 470 614 536 or

send us an email at:  Soon you

committed to support a child; ASSIDA will be under the obligation to

keep you informed about the child you are sponsoring, and we will

report to you the education and health progress of the child you are


ASSIDA will also act as an intermediary between you and the

sponsored child. If the sponsor wants to get in touch with the

sponsored child, he or she can send letters or any materials to

ASSIDA. The Project Manager will forward you any letter that the child

may write to you.








ASSIDA is looking for a volunteer to oversee and manage ASSIDA

Orphelin Project locally and internationally. Please contact us by email

if you wish to assist us ( email

ASSIDA currently strives to assist 52 orphans and destitute children.

However, it has ambitious plans to enhance its sponsorship program.

The successful volunteer will be required to work as an officer of

ASSIDA and it would be helpful if the person can visit the Democratic

Republic of Congo once per year preferably at the end of each

financial year. However, this is not essential.



 Please download SPONSORSHIP CONTRACT FORM 2016 – 2017 and email to